By now you are sure to understand the many influential benefits and advantages of harnessing exhibition stand marketing practices when it comes to brand coverage, promotion, and for generating leads as well as sales. Exhibition stands are not a cheap marketing tactic and the best and most impressive exhibition stands tend to be much higher priced.

However, not all booths need to have large budgets when the primary needs of the exhibition stand reach their intended goals. There are plenty of different options that are available to lower the costs of trade show marketing. Some people may be tempted to lower costs that are associated with safety or material quality which truly are not options. There are things that you can do which this article aims to help educate and enlighten you to available options.

Trade Show Stand for MacTac

Trade Show Stand for MacTac. Image credit: Printsome

Continue reading below to find out the four top methods to lower the associated costs of building an exhibition booth that both gains attention and compels attendees to interact with your display. Plenty of trade show stand contractors were asked what were the best methods to reduce the costs of building an exhibition stand and getting the most from them. The following four options to lower costs and other expenses are the top suggestions. Take these into account and pay attention to them and make sure to utilise the different ideas in which you can use these ideas for your own company.

Reduce Unnecessary & Unneeded Expenses

You should only bring the necessary elements that your exhibition stand needs to perform in a trade show event. There are plenty of things that can be left behind in the office. These things include wine fridges, coffee machines, and minibars which only extend the price tag of the budget because of related travel costs. When you can save money on the expenses that are accrued because of rental and transportation expenses you can dramatically lower the price of your overall budget for putting together an exceptional booth without having to overextend your financial reach for the project.

Reusing & Rebuilding Exhibition Stands

If your company happens to participate in different exhibitions and trade shows throughout the year it may be too costly to design and create completely unique and different stands for every show. But if you use the exact same booth at every single trade show you attend, your audience will be less interested in speaking with you. Even worse it can make your brand look stale and old while your competitors may appear to be fresh and innovative. What you want to ask your trade show stand contractors is to create and develop a booth that can be used in different combinations to get a different look every time. When you want your company branding guidelines to be the same every trade show, having a stand that is built that can be changed and altered is an excellent opportunity to capture more attention and appeal throughout different shows as well as lower expenses.

Simplify Your Exhibition Stand

If you are on a tight budget when it comes to designing and building a stand it is always a good idea to use simpler designs and creative strategies that incorporate cost-effective solutions but still provide a marketing effect that is powerful. When people choose to start using design elements that include raised floors, hanging props or double deck stands, they may actually have to pay more money to use this option. When you avoid the more elaborate and flashy elements of design you can use a smaller budget and still put together a compelling booth that will both attract attendees and pull them in to interact with you and your sales team.

You Can Cut Expenses in Other Ways

The last option for lowering the price of having your stand designed and built is to lower your costs in other ways. This includes such things as travel costs, accommodation fees, paying earlier participation fees, purchasing travel tickets ahead of time to lower costs and spending less in other ways can minimise your budget and give you more to work with for building the best exhibition stand possible.

Lower Costs Does Not Mean Lower Quality

Knowing how to lower associated expenses and costs when building a great looking exhibition stand is a good idea so you can maximise your marketing impact. An exhibition stand can fit a variety of budgets so follow the four suggestions above to save money and to use it in other ways to create a buzz for your company or brand.