Welcome to the new world of UK Television experience. Never before has it been this easy to watch UK television channels. You can now watch your favorite UK TV channels and programs right from the comfort of your living room, wherever you may be. With the new MAG 250 set top box, you can watch over a hundred UK TV channels without the need of a satellite dish, a computer or a satellite system.

How it works

The top of the range MAG 250 top box has all the UK TV channels you ever dreamt of. Best of all, it’s simply a plug and play device. All you need is a TV set with HDMI connectivity and a router. From there you just have to hook up the set top box to the asdl router and your TV, go through a brief first time installation and you are ready for a wonderful TV experience.

Defining IPTV

MAG 250 set top boxes use Internet Protocol Television also widely known as IPTV. This is a protocol that receives heavy backing by the telecommunications industry. It is affordable and offers millions of viewers across the globe access to superb and high quality TV services. MAG 250 set top boxes, through the application of this IPTV mechanism have made it possible and easy for viewers around the world to watch UK TV channels without the use of satellite dishes or systems. Simply buy a plug and play MAG 250 high quality set top box and watch your programs as soon as you have the box configured!

Areas where services are available

Whether in the U.S.A, Canada, the Middle East or the Far East, you can receive all the UK TV channels from your MAG 250 set top box. All that will be required is for you to have a good broadband connection and the rest is handled for you. There are authorized dealers that can be found online. Make sure you buy your MAG 250 set top box from any one of these authorized dealers for great prices and good quality. Once you have confirmed your purchase, your set top box will be shipped to your agreed address. You will be taken through the installation process which is really straightforward. As soon as you are through with the installation, you are ready to benefit from some of the finest entertainment, news and sports channels UK TV channels have to offer.

Frequently asked questions

Most viewers seem confused with the whole IPTV concept, so here are some facts to help reaffirm the working of the MAG 250 set top box.

Once you buy your MAG 250 set top box, you will only require a router and a HDMI TV set.

No computer or satellite dish is required and if you have a computer, you can still continue using it whilst watching TV.

This is a live TV service and not a contract TV. Companies such as DemandUKTV offer flexible terms with long long term tie-ins.

The MAG 250 set top box offers programs in High Definition and you do not need a UK IP address.

You can move with the box anywhere in the world other than the UK and you will still receive your TV channels.